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RiDoc CrackRiDoc Crack is a program to recover images from scanning and reduce the size of the image file. This software reduces the size of electronic documents and image files without compromising image quality. By editing, the image frame is scaled to the size of an A4 page, and the size of the image file is reduced without degrading the image quality. By converting documents to a graphic format you can protect these documents from unauthorized copying. To enhance the security of your document, you can place a watermark on the final document.

Download this uncomplicated-to-use tool straight away and use it to sweeten the rate of your scans and your scanner knowledge. It is a superficial scanning application that not only authorizes you to work pleasingly with your scanner but also authorizes you to edit any page to A4 size.

Features: RiDoc Crack


  • Scans photos and documents and includes small-size images in A4 page format (“Edit” button).
  • Put a watermark on the scanned images.
  • Daily scanning software.


  • Download the electronic version of the document from the scanner.
    batch scan.
  • Save documents to a different graphic format (BMP, jpeg, png).
  • Scan a TIFF (Multi-Page Mode) document.
  • Scans the document into Word.
  • Scans documents to PDF.
  • Printer, scan documents by email.

Document management:

  • Save scanned documents to your computer quickly and easily using “QuickFolder” technology.
  • Form a gallery of scanned docs and photographs.
  • One method for managing two electronic documents.

RiDoc Latest

Release InformationChange Logs
  • Software Name: RiDoc (Latest version v5.0.14.11)
  • Developed By: Home Page
  • License Type: Shareware
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Now consistent with Win 10 and new Win 11.
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