IM-Magic Partition Resizer Crack

IM-Magic Partition Resizer 7.1.0 Crack [Latest]

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Crack

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Crack When purchasing a new hard drive, many users also choose to create partitions to help organize files and folders. While this can be done with a dedicated Windows program that comes with a random newer machine, some users look for more updates and rely on third-party responses.

The transparent interface allows users to view the available partitions on their computer and install the program on any computer, as well as the default location and the amount of space used on each disk (expressed as a percentage). Users simply need to select the segment they want to move or decrease and then enter the target size in megabytes – those who do not know its size can reuse the slider and adjust its size.

When selecting a new size, users can also monitor the size of the non-convertible space and ensure that it is sufficient to be able to create another component. Once all the changes are known, they will not be used immediately, which gives users time to review new volumes – if they are not completely satisfied, they can easily modify or restore the disks to their original state.

Apart from that, it is a hygienic tool to help users move or minimize partitions as they see, regardless of the items stored on the disk, since the app only uses the free space left on each partition. Those who are satisfied with the design of the software can purchase a license and enjoy it forever.

Features: IM-Magic Partition Resizer Crack Full Version Download 2024

  • It entirely supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows servers
  • The device supports all RAID components
  • Start the show with code

Recommended File System and Disk

  • Fully Support FAT and NTFS components
  • Compatible with MBR and GPT disks

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Release InformationChange Logs
  • Software Name: IM-Magic Partition Resizer Latest version v7.1.0 (Professional / Unlimited / Enterprise / Server Edition)
  • Developed By: IM-Magic Inc
  • License Type: Shareware
  • Language: English
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Now with its advanced technology system, you can easily resize disk volume without losing your precious data.
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